Rules & Regulations 2/18/2020

Palmetto Mobile Home Club, Inc.

 Rules and Regulations

As of February 18, 2020


We are happy to have you as Member-Owners and hope that you will enjoy many years at Palmetto Mobile Home Club, Inc., hereinafter called the “Club”.  If you should have any questions concerning the Rules and Regulations or the operations of the Club, please feel free to discuss these matters with your Board of Directors.

1. The Club or any agent thereof shall not be responsible for lost or stolen property, property damage sustained on Club property or for personal injury.

2. The Club office must be notified of your intention to sell or purchase a mobile home. A list of mobile homes for sale is available from the Club office. Final approval is contingent on mobile home ownership and payment of membership fee and approved by the Board of Directors. The Club and/or Board of Directors assume no responsibility in the transactions that take place when buying or selling mobile homes.

3. All upgrades must be approved by the Board of Directors. Decorative landscape stone, river rock, mulch, seashells and potted flowers, will be permitted between mobiles and other open areas. Shrubbery, trees, gardens, etc., are not permitted behind or between mobile homes due to underground utilities. Any plantings must allow for four (4) foot passage of mowers.

4. All edging from the roadway must be twelve (12) inches flat. No washed stone, river rock, mulch or seashells can be installed to the roadway. Mulch, river rock, washed stone or seashells may be placed in the front yard and/or between the carport side of an owner’s mobile and the adjacent mobile. Both owners must agree to the installation of the above when installed up to an adjacent mobile.

5. Animals are “only” permitted in the Club when a request for reasonable accommodations for a disability is granted by the Board of Directors under the Federal Statue Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A Service Animal and Companion Pet Policy form must be completed and approved by the Board of Directors.

6. All guests remaining in the Club for more than one (1) day must register in the Club office. Inquiries concerning guests cannot be accepted unless the guests are registered nor are they welcome to use Club facilities or benefit from Club privileges unless they are registered. See the Club By-Laws for additional member and guest(s) requirements.

7. If you are in need of assistance from a Club employee, please contact the Club office.

8. All complaints, suggestions, etc., must be in writing, signed and dated, before the Board of Directors will consider taking any action.

9. The Club recreation hall is for the use of Club members and has priority over outside organizations. Hall reservations must be made in writing to the Club office at least 3 days in advance. The Board of Directors use of the Hall will supersede any and all written requests. There shall not be any visible use of alcoholic beverages in the Hall.

10. No children under eighteen (18) years of age are permitted to use the shuffleboard courts, meeting rooms or other amenities of the Club unless accompanied by a member of the Club.

11. Those members wishing to dry laundry on clotheslines are advised to use the Club community clotheslines. For safety reasons: no clotheslines are to be hung across mobile home lots or attached to trees or light poles, etc. Collapsible clotheslines are permitted and must be removed after each use.

12. The speed limit in the Club is fifteen (15) miles per hour.

13. Quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. daily (except Sundays “all day”.) Members and guests shall not make or permit unreasonable disturbances or interfere with the rights, comfort or conveniences of others. Wind chimes must be taken down during quiet hours and on windy days.

14. There shall be no renting of mobile homes except by the terms set forth in the Club By-Laws.

15. Soliciting and/or distribution of literature or advertising will not be permitted in the Club, except for authorized or sponsored activities (e.g. shuffleboard club, arts & crafts, health fair, blood drive, etc.) of the Club.

16. Members or guests shall not feed any stray animals or make pets of same in the Club. This applies to ducks, cats and dogs, as we do not permit pets in the Club, except as noted in Rule 5.

17. If the outside appearance of a member’s mobile home or its shrubs, flowers, planters, etc. is allowed to deteriorate, the Board of Directors will notify said member of such deterioration. If the appearance is not corrected within 30 days, after the date of the notification, the situation will be corrected at two times the expense of the going rate to correct the appearance. If not collected, the Board of Directors will follow the By-Laws procedures for collection.

18. Royal Palm or Fox Tail Palm trees may be planted on any member’s mobile lot with the Board of Directors authorizing the location. The cost of the tree(s) and the planting will be at the owner’s expense.

19. Members of the Club shall not conduct any retail or wholesale business within the Club which requires a license from the City of Palmetto.

20. The streets of the Club are to be used exclusively as thoroughfares. All motor vehicles must be in operating condition, properly registered, insured and muffled. They are to be operated by licensed drivers only. If you park in a neighbor’s carport, authorization must be received by the Club office from the lot owner. The car make, model and license number must be on file. Vehicles can’t be parked on common areas, streets, and in between, next to or in back of any mobile home. They may be parked overnight in the parking area north of the Hall if they are registered in the Club office. If a member owns two vehicles, they both must be parked in their carport or other arrangements for one vehicle must be made. No vehicle shall be parked so as to create a traffic hazard. The Club does not maintain a parking area for recreational vehicles and owners should consider parking on city streets or in a private storage facility.

21. Any member owning two lots MUST have one on the “Sales List”. A member owning two lots will be charged either a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per month, after thirty (30) days, or make a refundable deposit of $5,000 until one mobile is sold. The member will continue to pay the monthly assessment on each lot owned.

22. Subject to a background check, paid by the member/guest(s), and approval by the Board of Directors, members whose mobile is on the “Sales List” may allow a guest(s)/potential buyer to occupy their mobile for a period not to exceed 30 days for any one guest(s), per calendar year. The owner must register all guests in the Club office and is responsible for the guest’s compliance with Club rules. Any infraction of these rules is subject to a fine and/or revoking Club membership.

23. (Waste) Mobile home owner shall be responsible for the sewer from the mobile home to the outside p-trap and vent. Mobile home owner’s sewer responsibility encompasses: mobile unit factory installed plumbing. (Water) Mobile home owner shall be responsible for the water from the mobile home to the Club furnished water service valve. Mobile home owner’s responsibility encompasses: mobile unit factory installed plumbing and the service line to the Club supplied valve. (Electric) Mobile home owner shall be responsible for the electric service from the mobile home to the meter. Mobile home owner’s electric responsibility encompasses: mobile home factory installed electric, outside and inside breaker panels and the electric service wire to the Florida Power & Light provided meter and all meter box breakers. Authority is: Code of Ordinances for the City of Palmetto. Appendix is: Florida Statue #489 Standard Plumbing and Electrical Code as adopted by the City of Palmetto.

24. The Board of Directors will permit the hiring of non-Board of Directors members as full time or part-time employees and Board of Directors as part time employees if they are residents.

25. Each mobile homeowner is responsible for all downspout water drains and the flow of water around their mobile and all expenses related thereto.

26. Any member(s) of the Club requiring a live-in caregiver must have a certificate from their doctor stating their inability to care for themselves or each other. A Certificate is required for each person. Caregiver’s are the member’s responsibility and must abide by the Club By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. Violations of any By-Laws or Rules and Regulations will cause the caregiver status to be revoked and the caregiver must leave the Club. The live-in caregiver must complete a member application form and also a back ground check, at members/caregiver’s expense, and meet with the Board of Directors for approval prior to any caregiver status being granted. A caregiver must be 18 years of age or over.

27. For fire safety reasons, no gasoline shall be stored in the mobile, add-on rooms or storage sheds.

28. When members no longer have need for bottled gas, then tanks must be removed at member’s expense.

29. With the exception of the Club work vehicle, member’s golf carts and similar Vehicles (“carts”) operated on Club property must be battery operated. Carts will obey all traffic rules. Carts must be parked in designated parking area when at the Hall. Carts operated during hours of darkness must be operated with head and tail lights on

30. Members not following the Rules and Regulations are subject to administrative action as determined by the Board of Directors. SECTION II This section pertains to construction, permits, property lines, placing of mobiles, carports, sheds, screen rooms, etc. NO construction or major improvements/repairs shall be started prior to the approval from the Construction/Improvement Committee of the Club.

1. Construction/improvement/repair approvals may be obtained by submitting an informal sketch with appropriate measurements on the Club Construction/improvement form. After the Construction/Improvement Committee of the Club approval, the signed Construction/improvement form will be submitted by the resident owner or licensed contractor to the City of Palmetto Building Department for the final permit. All Rules and Regulations of the Club and appropriate City of Palmetto codes must be complied with during construction. The permit must be displayed during the construction period. All Club permits are good for one year from the date of approval.

2. All plans for construction, improvements and repairs during the months of May 1st through November 1st, must be approved by the Construction/Improvement Committee of the Club and the City of Palmetto by April 5th. In an emergency situation, as determined by the Construction/Improvement Committee, and for new member(s) joining the Club during the “summer months”: construction, improvements and repairs between May 1st and November 1st may be submitted on the appropriate form (see #1 above) to the Club office. The Club office will forward the request (s) to the Construction/Improvement Committee for approval.

3. Construction work is not permitted on Sunday and after 9 pm weekly unless it is of an emergency nature.

4. All carports must have 20 feet of available parking. This is measured from the front of the mobile home to any add-on room or shed.

5. The resident owner has the responsibility to ensure that all rules, regulations, and codes are adhered to by the contractor, builder, or person doing construction. Contractors or owner must remove all construction material and leave the surroundings in the original condition.

6. The Board of Directors has the final authority to control, change, re-write, add or delete rules and regulations pertaining to the size of any and all construction requests, including the changing of lot lines, etc., providing they do not conflict with the City of Palmetto and/or the State of Florida Codes.

7. All central air conditioning units shall be installed in front of a mobile home unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. Window units may be installed on the carport side of the mobile.

8. All mobile home lengths and widths are controlled by the Board of Directors. New homes are set according to current lot lines and dimensions. No mobile home having a width of less than 12 feet shall be moved into the Club. A used mobile home no more than 10 years old may be moved into the Club.

9. Floor to ceiling measurements must be at least 7 feet at its lowest point on the carport, vinyl room, screen room and solid room.

10. All skirting around the mobile must be masonry or aluminum, except vinyl skirting/siding may be used if a protective guard is installed for lawn mowers and weed trimmers.