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The Palmetto Trailer park was opened in 1947 by the city of Palmetto as a place for people coming to Florida from the Midwest and farming regions of the north to spend the winters in their trailers.

In 1920, Palmetto set aside an area near the corner of 17th street and 13th avenue, providing proper sanitary facilities. Camping was free at this time. The city upgraded the campground by the 1924-25 winter and begin charging for camping.

During the great Depression the tourist stopped coming to Florida and during 1940 two city blocks of land was secured from the state. The came WWII and no trailers arrived. A county fair was held on the grounds and the metal buildings constructed for it were used by a federal agency.

After the war ended the tourists began coming again and 562 mobile home spaces were full.

In 1946, the city council authorized the construction of a municipal trailer park. During the next few years the park grew to its present size.

When Manatee County needed shell for its roads they dug a shell pit two blocks from the original trailer park. Water fed from springs several feet down begin to fill the shell pit forming a lake. In 1954 the park grew sufficiently to surround the lake with sites on three sides of the lake.

As the park grew the city upgraded the utilities and added more trailer spaces. In 1955, it was the second largest trailer park in Manatee County.

During January 1977 the city decided to sell the trailer park to the highest bidder over $1,000,000 because the city couldn’t afford $500,00 the cost of renovation to comply with state health and zoning requirements.

The residents of Palmetto Trailer park formed a committee to buy the trailer park during February 1977. The committee submitted a bid of $1,065,100 to the city council.

March 20, 1978, the city accepted the committees bid for the park. The members formed Palmetto Mobile Home Club, Inc., Sold memberships at $2,000 each, wrote bylaws and reviewed the purchase agreement with the city.

During 1980, the club started major renovations and upgrade in wiring. Mobiles located in the upgrade area were moved to the fairgrounds then back. Part of the upgrade required the club to reduce the number of trailer spaces from record high of 570 trailers when the park officially opened City management to a current 482 mobile homes.

The 20 year mortgage signed January 8 1979 was paid off March 20th 1985. The club has spent more than $1,000,000 to date on improvements to the club.